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Solar Roof Tiles
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Solar Consultancy
Our relationship with our clients, starts off with a site evaluation by one of our Solar Consultants. He or she will work with you to determine your energy requirements, and will recommend a solution that both addresses your needs and fits with your budget. Our specialist team will then work with you, all the way through the planning and execution stages.
System Installation  
Depending on their specific requirements, we provide installation services for our clients. These range from Solar Street Light installations to Solar Bore Well projects across rural Nigeria, as well as in-premises (factories or residential estates) installations.
Client Support and Maintenance
One of the main advantages of solar systems is that there is very little maintenance involved. From time to time, our clients do request onsite visits to upgrade or extend their solar capabilities and they always appreciated the individualised service they receive. Being locally based in Nigeria, and operating from branches across the country, gives us the ability to get onsite when you require.
Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions
Solar solutions extend beyond lighting to several vital resources desperately needed across rural Nigeria. Our solutions have been used for solar powered bore well pumps, which have been installed to ensure a fresh water supply to entire villages. When combined with other uses such as solar powered street lights, security posts, water replenishment schemes and lite cassava processing – the opportunities to help bring self sustainability to these villages are endless.
If you represent an organization that is committed to localized Corporate Social Responsibility and/or Environmental Sustainability, we believe that our solutions may be of interest to you. It would be our pleasure to undertake a consultancy exercise to understand your requirements and suggest a solution that meets your CSR goals for a solar solutions project in Nigeria.
Home Why Solar ? Lighting Solutions Community Solutions Domestic Solutions Services Contact Us