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Yumexz Domestic Solutions
An astonishing 25% of humanity still relies on oil lamps and candles for lighting. Families across rural Nigeria spend billions of Naira each year to fuel these inefficient, low illuminating, high polluting lights. Recognizing the needs, Yumexz Solar has set out to address the lighting needs of rural homes.
Solar Lanterns  
Yumexz Solar presents the Sun King – an innovative Solar Lantern, that brings a bright, clean light, designed for the needs of the masses. Unlike a kerosene lantern, the Sun King does not have any running costs, provides higher luminosity and more importantly, does not produce toxic fumes. To find out more about the Sun King, please click here
Solar Home Kits
The Solar Home Kit provides lighting solutions as well as energy for other applications such as fans, mobile phone charging and FM radios. These “all-in-one” solutions are easy to install and require little-to-no maintenance. Everything you need comes ready in the box.
Solar Inverter Solutions
Solar Inverter Systems can substitute the energy you are currently consuming from running generators. In fact, because the system is charged by the sun, there is no need for generators at all. Our inverter-based solutions are typically used in larger homes and extreme remote locations. For a consultation, please contact us using the numbers mentioned in the “contact” page.
Home Why Solar ? Lighting Solutions Community Solutions Domestic Solutions Services Contact Us